Susan T. Fiske's Annual Review of Psychology, Vol 56 2005 PDF

By Susan T. Fiske

ISBN-10: 0824302567

ISBN-13: 9780824302566

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Perhaps surprisingly, even under these conditions the activity of the neurons varied from trial to trial. The precise number of action potentials generated and the precise pattern of action potential generation differed in an apparently random manner from trial to trial, even when the visual stimulus that the animal was evaluating was identical. 18 Nov 2004 10:44 Annu. Rev. Psychol. 56:25-56. org by Ball State University on 01/05/09. For personal use only. sgm LaTeX2e(2002/01/18) P1: IKH GLIMCHER Britten and colleagues also found that the perceptual judgments of the animals were unpredictable on these trials.

Indeterminacy, he believed, would be lethal to living systems. Schrodinger’s own work (cf. 1951) had demonstrated that at the atomic and subatomic scales, matter can be described only in probabilistic terms, but it had also shown that large aggregates of these elementary particles behaved in an effectively determinate manner. His argument was that living cells were large enough objects that they would never interact with single atomic or subatomic particles, but only with these larger determinate aggregates.

THE RISING TIDE OF APPARENT INDETERMINACY Annu. Rev. Psychol. 56:25-56. org by Ball State University on 01/05/09. For personal use only. Indeterminacy in the Social Sciences Like scholars in the physical sciences, social scientists in the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries strongly emphasized a determinate scientific approach in their study of human behavior. The classic economic theory of that period, for example, rested on the foundation of a theory of determinate utility developed by Blaise Pascal (1670, Arnauld & Nicole 1662) and Daniel Bernoulli (1738).

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