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We're drastically indebted to Dr. Redford for this thorough piece of labor. It illustrates the necessity for monographs which could assemble jointly the amassed result of sustained examine with extra amplitude than is feasible in a piece of writing and extra aspect than is feasible in a remark. there are various different detailed chunks of culture within the OT, relatively within the Pentateuch, which deserve such therapy. Redford's paintings contains a finished evaluation of earlier paintings, a clean and painstaking exam of a number of salient concerns, and a few positive conclusions.
The certain difficulties awarded by means of the Joseph tale warrant exam in detachment from the remainder of the Pentateuch. As Redford's paintings exhibits, too many concerns were prejudged simply because effects (or hypotheses) derived from surrounding fabrics were approved to persuade, if to not dictate, the result of investigating Genesis 37-50. A parade instance is using the divine names, and different contrastive vocabulary-pairs, as hallmarks of the resource files J and E. As Redford indicates, Yahweh is particular to ch. 39. moreover, different pairs, like Israel/Jacob, whereas now not correlating with this primary clue, do need to a point a concomitant distribution with the Judah/Reuben motifs.

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Jay) 43: 7, 27, 28; 45: 3; 45: 26, 28; 46: 30. 1 37: 10, 26; 39: 8; 42: 28; 44: 15; 46: 33; 47: 3. 47: 8. ) 40: 16; (with 'dser or ki) 37: 26; 42: 14. The demonstratives and the interrogatives alone are confined to Front Position, and only the relativized participle and the noun clause are restricted to Rear Position. The Binary Construction does not by its form alone reveal the identity of semantic subject and predicate. Context alone indicates that in the following cases the semantic predicate occupies Rear Position: 1 2 The Hebrew equivalent of a cleft sentence.

S The writer responsible for placing them here may be the Genesis editor; his genealogy (vs. 8-27) and its introduction (vs. 5-7) follows immediately. Whether or not he was also responsible for the Noth UG, 230. Cf. 46: 2 with 22: 1. 3 See below, p. , 380. 4 yNS', a root which recalls Abraham's wanderings, but does not occur in the Joseph Story. 5 On the difference in nature between the Jacob of the Joseph Story and the Jacob of the rest of Genesis, see Eising, Jacobserzahltlng, 326, 335. 6 Cf.

When his eldest dies without issue, and the second also dies while feigning to comply with the Levirite law, Judah decides not to allow his third son to cohabit with his daughterin-law Tamar. The latter, however, is not to be put off; she disguises herself as a cult prostitute, and becomes pregnant by her own unsuspecting father-in-law, who leaves a token with her in lieu of eventual payment for services. On being condemned to death for her supposed adultery, Tamar turns the tables on Judah by producing the token and identifying him as her paramour.

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