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1- 7 the standard samples of gluconic acid, tartaric acid, citric acid, malic acid, a-ketoglutaric acid, succinic acid and fumaric acid respectively. A - D organic acid of A. acutangulus callus, the culture media added fumaric acid, succinic acid, malic acid and citric acid respectively. 5 gil medium. E control, culture omitted organic acid; S standard 29 Anisodus acutangulus itself. Fumaric acid which inhibited growth was accumulated in large amounts in the callus. 3 Influence of Differentiation Scopolamine and hyoscyamine are contained in the callus obtained from root, stem, leaf, anther and the seed coat.

Grows under artificial conditions in our laboratory and is not restricted by natural factors. It can be predicted that with the development of biotechnology (see Bajaj 1986) and the unfolding of studies on cell clone and mutant induction, biotechniques will play a more important role in the medicinal production of A. sinensis. Protocol 1. g. petioles, stems, roots etc. The age and physiological state of the roots may contribute to the success of callus induction and organ differentiation. One-year-old roots grown in the field are best for in vitro culture.

63 mg/g dry wt, lower than the contents of the five cultures (Thble 10). The growth rate in fermenter culture cells was three times that in the suspension cultures, and more than ten times that of the solid static culture (Thble 11). 5 :r: a. 3 Q) o ""x 600 o 3 x 15 o 6 12 Days 6 9 12 Time of culture (days) 14 15 Fig. 11. The time-course of growth of fermenter cultured cells Anisodus acutangulus 35 Table 10. Cell fermenter culture of medicinal plants Medicinal plants Medicinal compounds Lithospernum erythrorhizon Panax ginseng Ammi visnaga Shikonin derivatives Saponin (total) Furanochromones Serpentine Catharanthus roseus Anisodus acutangulus Hyoscy.

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